Derek II At

We wonder if Derek approaches each video thinking, "I’m going to blow them away with this one". His action videos are always intense as he goes all out and puts in every ounce of effort and energy and passion in to making them as hot as can be. As if there was any doubt about how hot this stud is, though, he even takes to this solo, unscripted session with more intensity than we could have imagined. The entire point of these videos is to give us all an extra opportunity to see what showmen some of the CF guys can be and see how they hold up when in a room alone with a few cameras, no direction or guidance, and nothing but their own imaginations and personalities to run the show. As you’re about to see, Derek shines in this setting. This is, no doubt, the most intense Unscripted video CF has ever shot. It’s like he’s having the intense and passionate sex with himself that we’ve seen him have with his fellow CF studs. He holds nothing back, from stroking himself furiously to absolutely manhandling his own asshole with his fingers!

Derek always has a hot surprise up his sleeve, and he reveals several of them here!  Enjoy Derek II!

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