Derek And Cody At

We have 2 for the road this week with two hot alumni having their first ‘go at it’ for our fans to see. The first is Derek Princeton. Derek was last on EBD when he somehow agreed to bottom for the first time. Somehow this poor str8 boy had the fortunate misfortune of ending up on the very fat end of Jarrett Fox’s thick dick. Many would pray for such a fate! lol That was a steamy set and Derek took it like a champ. He’s back this week and we’ve promised he can be the one to lay pipe this week as he continues to push his sexual envelope. Curiosity’s a Bitch, eh!? Seeing as his recurring theme here has been massive cocks; we figured we’d keep this str8 boy on the same path to bliss and Boo-yow! Sporting a fat 8½” cock, Cody Kennedy came to mind and he was more than willing to help us out. Originally from Salt Lake in Utah, Cody is built like he’d be packin a cap gun —but he packs an Uzi instead. One of 84 Mormon grand children, Cody claims he is the only black sheep among them. He is “the only gay in the (family) village”. Mmhmm. Statistics would suggest otherwise; but we’re not that kind of site. Moving right along, today Derek will get a chance to play with the big cock instead of taking it. He’ll have some hot male on male action and get to be on top this time. He’s definitely gonna be in excellent han—err buns.


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