Dean & Diego At

Dean was on his way to the Fratpad and Diego was on his way back home from his hugely successful run as the Pad’s newest pledge. They had never met before they came to the location so we actually held back shooting for three days before we actually did the scene.  John wanted them to have a fun vacation together and become buddies so they’d have a great chemistry on screen.  It worked. They were giggling and laughing and carrying on and having a great time and it really came through on video. The guys spent so much time hanging out that they got more behind the scenes video than when they do actual Fratmen movies. For this reason, John added two segments to the movie (one where they stole his camera and went terrorizing around town until 4AM and one with them taking a morning swim before they all headed back to LAX).  There’s even more behind-the-scenes video in the blog and even more still pics on the way.

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