Introducing Damien Danilo At

The dream world of beautiful and flawlessly built Damon Danilo is revealed as he lies in bed- naked, restless and aroused. And when you look as perfect as Damon there is only one person to dream about: yourself. Split into two, Damon watches his other self, standing and reclining, running his hands over his muscular body and turning himself on. When Damon’s gaze catches yours you are drawn further into this world of muscle worship and sexual voyeurism. You won’t be able to turn away when you see Damon stroking his big cock as though he were handling a thick snake. He wrangles his meat, getting it bigger and bigger until he lets it stand like a tower over his body and strokes it shooting his thick cum over his hands and abs before awakening from his own wet dream. BONUS: See a behind-the-scenes epilogue of Damon lifting and pumping his body and giving the crew a sneak peek of the body they’re going to capture on film.  Enjoy!

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