Introducing Cooper At 

It looks like Cooper is gonna give Zeph a run for the "Fat Cock" award!  Cooper is a somewhat shy guy on film, who has the decency to be a bit sheepish about his super thick dick. Pretty sure he isn’t quite as shy in real life, as he sounds like he likes to go out drinkin’ and partying with his buds. 

Cooper is just got back from doing Habitat for Humanity in Africa, and you can tell he’s got a sweet and kindness streak a mile wide.  BUT, then you start talking to him, and you realize he loves to have his cock worshipped, and he can be a bit bossy about it. (Yes Sir!)

The thing we love about this video is he’s a slow stroker. He’s hard, stays hard, and there’s plenty of time for him to waggle it around and show it off. There’s no "mile a minute" fast jackin’ where ya can’t see the goods! All that meat in delicsiously slow detail! We played some cat and mouse about if he liked boys better than girls, so you’ll have to watch the video and decide for yourself.  Enjoy!

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