Conner & Girth Stuff It In Colby Keller

In ‘Laid Off’ At FalconXXX

Conner Habib, Girth Brooks, & Colby Keller

Worrywart Conner Habib is running off at the mouth again, fretting about the prospect of being laid off. Annoyed with his non-stop blathering, co-workers Girth Brooks and Colby Keller devise a scheme to shut him up. They immobilize the chatterbox and quickly silence him with Girth’s big dick and then Colby’s stiff staff stuffed down his throat. Maintaining the middle position, Conner resumes fellating Girth while Colby starts piledriving his ass. Gagging continuously and moaning with Girth’s cock pumped up his hole, then having Colby sitting on his face, Conner is transported to hog heaven, forgetting his troubles for awhile. Then lined up with Girth screwing Colby who’s boning Conner, the three end up with three milky blasts of spooge.

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Click here to take the Falconxxx tour 

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