Introducing Colt Classics Remastered

To quote John Rutherford, President and Creative Director or the COLT Studio Group, "As my good friend and mentor Chuck Holmes always told me, “All over this planet there’s a young, new gay person viewing our movies for their very first time – All movies are new movies to someone.” "This couldn’t be truer… So we have recently repackaged and digitally re-mastered the following DVDs for your viewing pleasure: We are proud to announce the re-packaging and re-mastering of some of the timeless classics in the COLT Studio Group library."

We’re sure you will enjoy these great COLT Classics, some things only get better and thanks to the modern marvels of digital media we still have these great studs to admire today. We love Colt


 Man To Man Heat DVD

WARNING: VIEWING THIS DVD MAY CAUSE FEVERS, SWEATING AND POSSIBLY SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION. The high temperatures radiated between two brawny COLT men have finally been captured on DVD! Buckshot Productions’ first compilation DVD features all the hot, steamy, man-to-man magnetism that identifies COLT films as the leader of the pack in all-male erotica. More than 2 hours long (!), "Man-To-Man Heat!" features such an explosive cast of COLT superstars it could be cause for a three-alarm fire! Burn cream and bandages not included.


Open House DVD

This has got to be the wildest real estate deal ever recorded! Tom Chase is a successful agent in Palm Springs who has come to expect surprises from his clients. He’s put to the ultimate test when he meets his newest client, the massive Eric Korngold. The air is charged with masculine electricity as these two studs start peeling off their clothes. And then the pool man arrives…

EXTRAS – Jammed full of SEXY images of Tom Chase and Erik Korngold for your personal enjoyment… BUY IT NOW!



Cowboy Country DVD

COLT COWBOY COUNTRY brings you all of COLT’s leather-bound ranch hands together for the first time! COLT men know how rewarding a good roll in the hay can be at the end of a long day working the north 40, and now you can experience the hottest studs ever to sport a Stetson on this 2-hour long collection.

Running Time: Approximately 120 minutes


Best of COLT Films 1&2 DVD Eleven Complete Films

All Male Cast

Running Time: 120 Minutes

With: Butch Barnes, Killer Joe, Kirby Scott, Gunner Hyde, Clint Lockner, Jack Hacker, Mickey Squires, J.W. King, Bill Curry, Ryan Kilgore and many more!

– "Coming to the End"
"Gym Nasties"
"Hard at Work"
"Killer & Butch"
"Military Pass"
"Playing with Danger"
"The Big Box"
"The Long Rangers"

Best of COLT Films 3&4 DVD

10 Complete Films – ALL MALE CAST


– "Flat Bed" (Gordon Grant, Paul Storr)
"Hand Tooled" (Al Parker)
"Lockners Key" (Clint Lockner, Bruno)
– "Moving Violations" (Clint Lockner, Mark Rutter and Mike Davis)
"The Bonus" (Mike Davis, Shadow and Gunther Keller)
"The Come On" (Jack Hacker, Mickey Squires)
– "The Senses Taker" (Bruce Craig, Ralph Whitaker)
– "Timberwolves" Part 1 & 2 (Al Parker, Mike Davis)
"Water Pump" (Franco Arbruzzi)

Best of COLT Films 5&6 DVD

Nine Complete Films – ALL MALE CAST

SERVICE ENTRY with Mike Davis, Joe Braggs and Moose
OVERLOAD with Johnny HArden
MUSCLE BEACH with Mike Betts and Rick Wolfmier
BLOOD, SWEAT & BEERS with Hank Ditmar
SHACK UP with Mark Rutter and Hank Ditmar
HAMMERHEAD with Gordon Grant and Tony Romano
GREASE MONKIES with Big Max and Tom Blake
HOUSE BOAT with MArty Palmer and Gordon Grant



The legendary COLT discovery, LEDERMEISTER muscles his way into the fast lane! Originally shot in 8 MM, completely remastered and scored, these films record the intimate, uninhibited lifestyle of the hottest stud to ever straddle a cycle.
At last, every Legendary Bodies film produced by COLT Studio is presented on one massive DVD compilation. "Legendary Bodies, The Complete Collection" contains ten COLT legends, featuring over 2 1/2 hours of COLT’s most impressive champion muscle studs.
"Legendary Bodies, The Complete Collection" presents Kyle Jessup, Reggie Graham, Cal Sinclair, Owen Moore, Carl Hardwick, Erik King, Scott Sloan, Doug Perry, Franco Corelli, and John Pruitt. As an additional feature, this DVD contains a handsome 50-image slideshow featuring high-resolution images from past COLT Calendars.
(Running Time: Approximately 160 minutes)
This man-to-man collection features some of the hottest one-on-one action in COLT’s video library. Clint Lockner and Bruno, real-life lovers Tony Ganz and Mark Sierra, Moose and Bob Randall, Rocco Rizzoli and Nick Rogers, Ryan Kilgore and Gunner Hyde, Jock and Kit and Mike Davis and Lloyd Kasper all go at each other and do what they do best with another hot guy. Talk about your Magnificent 7 (or is that 14?), these seven films will have you hitting the pause button and wearing out the slow motion tracking on your player. Not to mention wearing yourself out!
Minute man 1 DVD

A Fast Paced Approach To The Sexiest Men In Pictures.

Flex Appeal – Dave Lash
Ring Of Fire – Ryan Hayward
Model Release – Link Benedict
Brush Strokes – Peter Stride


Minute man 2 DVD

All the original minute man 2 films digitally re-mastered with DVD extras: COLT Previews and slide show.

Featuring the films:
Built – Ray Mars
Private Quarters – Joe Falco
His Brother’s Box – Ricardo Merlo
Leatheroticus – Tom Lee

 Minute man 3 DVD

Now avaialble on DVD.

the original minute man 3 films, Digitally re-mastered with DVD extras: COLT previews and slide show.

Includes the films:
ACCIDENT PRONE with Joey Arena
ON THE BEAT with Hal Rodman
THE CEREMONY with Mark Christian
THE BEST MAN with Troy Yeager

Get a closer look! Jackhammer – minute man 4 DVD


"minute man 4 – Jackhammer"

Digitally re-mastered with DVDs extras and COLT Previews!

"Jackhammer" with Studs Toro
"Hayseed" with Ed Horst
"Iron Man" with Bruce Emory
"Hard Rider" with Mark Gamble

Muscle Fantasies – minute man 5 DVD

"Muscle Fantasies"

Four intense, hot solo action scenes. COLT Men upclose and personal, performing just for you.

"Muscle Fantasies" with Ward Austin
"Naked Lunch" with Todd Nugent
"Pike’s Peek" with Jimmy Pike
"Dirty Looks" with Studz Toro

Includes DVD Extras and COLT movie previews.

Flex Appeal – minute man 6 DVD

Newly remastered for DVD. Featuring COLT Men Ed Dinakos, Mario Garza, Bruse Bennet, Peter Meers and Sharkey Curren.

60 minutes of HOT COLT Man Action, up close and personal. Plus DVD extras and previews.

Waterbucks DVD

Waterbucks DVD

A compilation of 7 COLT films.
Approximate running time: 90 Minutes. Featuring 7 COLT titles:

Sunbeam with Mark Bradshaw / Hard Rider with Mark Gamble / Iron Man with Bruce Emory / Home Coming with Mario Garza / Intimate Hours with Steve Kelso / Macho Mountain with Jake Tanner / The Senses Taker with Bruce Craig and Ralph Whitaker