Cocky Kash Inditash Now on

Tight, tall, and talented, Kash Inditash delivers the goods onstage and off in his Powermen debut. A cocky international traveller, Kash has danced in all major ports of call throughout Europe, and in some of the more notorious (if necessarily discreet) late hour boîtes of the Middle East. We first met Kash in Paris in 2007, and we were surprised how coolly he considered our option to come to Miami for a shoot. "I’ll have to check my Deskpad," he said. "E-mail me." And he was gone into the night, headed towards Montmartre in the back seat of a smoked-glass black Peugeot. We never forget, but assumed he had until one late afternoon we spotted him on Ocean Drive in South Beach. "I have a few hours," he said, sort of airily. We pounced….and the rest is here for you to see. Carry Kash home tonight – if you can afford him, that is.

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