Chuck Basher has both the good natured smile and affable Southern-
style drawl that will charm you and the huge developed muscles to
entice you. Chuck Basher takes his body and his flexing seriously and
it shows. He knows what he has created & sculpted and you can see
that pride in every body movement. But he also gets turned on more
by turning YOU on and you? We see it in every pose he makes.

This week’s video update: CHUCK BASHER: The Natural
Chuck Basher is proud of his body and the work he put into it to
create that physique. His confident smile and good natured voice are
just two of the things you?l notice in his pec-bouncing, ballet-like
posing and flexing routine. You?l also see that posing turns him on
and when he strips you?l see that he can flex EVERYTHING. Watch as
Chuck Basher is turned on to the point of lying back and letting you
look at him as he strokes and shoots. That wink at the end is for you.

We love you Chuck and that’s a wrap