Christian Bangs Aiden At

“Be careful what you wish for”, they say. Lucky for us, we had our wish come true. Last week, we brought you Christian, the 21 year old Columbus boy who left quite the impression with his over-sized man cock. Christian, who packs a thick 9” cock on his 5’11” frame, loves to have people watch, and at times even join in when he has sex. Knowing he could be caught at any minute is just the adrenaline he needs to fuck a tight ass just about anywhere. Last week, we hoped to see him do more than a solo and give us an idea of just what someone who walked in on them would actually see as he pounded an appreciative hole. Well, get your lube out—cuz it’s ON!! Aiden is 6’ tall and baby-faced. Aiden is also an Ohio native. Unlike Christian, who has had limited experience in front of the camera, Aiden has several films under his belt, and has done work on the net as well. He is now at the point where he’s beginning to get recognized on the street. He was last “spotted” while driving on the turnpike, by of all people, the guy at the toll booth! “I dropped my money and drove off!” he laughs. Well this afternoon, there will be some of the same; except it will be Christian doing the “dropping”, as he repeatedly drives in and out of Aiden’s tight booth! …before driving off!   Enjoy.

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