Introducing Chet At

Age: 20
Zodiac: Leo
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 6′ 2"
Weight: 185lb
Waist: 33"
Chest: 42"
Shoe Size: 13
Cock: 8" Cut

Chet – without a doubt, one of the sexiest guys ever to appear on the PerfectGuyz silver screen! Chet is quite simply an exquisitely handsome man. He’s physically flawless. Indeed, from his perfect height and weight of 6’2” & 185lb to his supple completion and bronze skin to his shredded, ripped, muscular physique – PerfectGuyz Chet is in a class by himself. An accomplished model, Chet is polished and sophisticated. He has a sleek casual style and seems especially easygoing. PerfectGuyz Chet is also the ultimate All American jock – excelling in sporting endeavors from football to wrestling. And…with all of this…he is a sexual dynamo! His cock is magnificent – and complements his body very well. His cum shot is forceful and “over the top”– and you’ll get to enjoy TWICE as he shoots in the beginning and again in the finale of his performance. PerfectGuyz Chet is a dream! Enjoy Chet in this special PerfectGuyz presentation. 

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