Caught in the Crossfire 2 Members Streaming Pre-Release!

 We were on Active Duty today and see that they are doing something a little different for members. They normally stream videos for their member’s the day the DVD is released, which we love. However, this week they are topping that and streaming the first scene of their upcoming release, Caught in the Crossfire 2, before the DVD is released!

Members at Active Duty tend to stick around, and we can see why. For one, they have the hottest guys, and they are real straight military men. Secondly, they keep coming out with great new movies and always let the members watch it while it’s hot. They also have an award-winning Live Chat and Cam Show almost every night.

This Streaming Pre-Release is a sign of the times. Fast, streaming delivery of movies seems to be the way of the future. Active Duty has no plans of doing away with DVDs just yet, but they may be moving to a time here where their DVDs are released less often to give way to a more concentrated effort of online delivery. What does this mean for the Active Duty fan? There is no better time to join and enjoy the convenience of instant gratification! Watch it now and get it later on DVD at a reduced price. As a member of Active Duty you get 25% off the normal non-members retail price of their DVDs. So, as a member you’ll not only enjoy watching their videos as soon as they are released — without waiting for a DVD to arrive — but you’ll also be able to save on them once the DVD version becomes available.

We had the chance this week to preview the complete first scene of Caught in the Crossfire 2, which is streaming this week for Active Duty members. Right now, that’s the only place you’ll find it. This is the movie debut of DJ — a sexy, tall, blonde Marine with his nice nine-inch cock. He’s having a blast in the first scene with Thomas and Kaden. Active Duty members have been getting to know DJ for a couple of months now through his shows on Active Duty LIVE, which is another great perk of membership. While none of the outside world has heard of this sexy Marine — their members know exactly who DJ is. Kaden and Thomas take the new recruit and show him the time of his life. We’ve never seen Kaden fuck with this much power. He fucks DJ long and hard before turning over the reigns to Thomas and his huge meat. Between the two of them they fuck DJ like he’s never been fucked before. Watching these three ultra hot men service each other is out of this world. We don’t think you could find three hotter men on the planet than DJ, Thomas and Kaden. So what are you waiting for? Join today and watch the first scene of Caught in the Crossfire 2 today! Be the first in your neighborhood to say, "We saw Dink Flamingo’s Caught in the Crossfire 2!"


We also looked around at Active Duty’s other new offerings this week. Not only are they streaming the first scene of Caught in the Crossfire 2 this week in the Streaming Videos of the Week, but they’ve also got these other great videos streaming in their entirety: Hot Zone 3, The Surge 2, MIA: Men in Action 1, Crossing the Line 3, Bareback Recruits 3: Toppin’ Kody, Rear Formation 3: Bareback Tactics, Rock Hard Regiment 1 and Another Tour of Duty. They’ve also added photo galleries from Caught in the Crossfire 2, including one from the 2nd scene that I hear will be streaming next week.

Members can also join in the Live Chat Cam Shows this week, or catch up with the nearly 500 archived live shows. You can also watch 38 streaming scenes that were never released to DVD in the Warchest. What’s more is that Active Duty no longer uses DRM, so Mac users can enjoy this content too! There are also tons of video clips and about 700 photo galleries, which we would estimate contain about 35,000 photos. If that isn’t enough, you can visit one of the 4 other paysites that are included in your membership, or wait for one of the twice weekly updates!

No better time than now to join!