Introducing Paul At

“Just Add Water” is the latest in our summer series of great outdoor photo shoots. It features Paul, in the raw, in the sun, wet, wild and full of sexy fun. Paul never looks the same: he loves to change his appearance and this week we’ll see less bear and more of a trimmed hottie look. He says it’s all about the hot summer weather but whatever the reason we get to see him in a whole new light, so to speak. The midday sun highlights his tattoos beautifully; his hair is short and his face beardless, yet he is none the less handsome. As he moves around the deck we capture great shots from all angles; his face is radiant, his alabaster skin reflects the bright sun. As he turns on the hose and lets the water stream down his naked body Paul’s enjoyment of the moment is obvious.   Enjoy. 

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And More

Hot n’ Hunky Hans At

It’s been too long since we last saw Hans in a BukBuddies solo set; this week we are fortunate to see a super fit and wonderfully handsome Hans in an all new BukBuddies feature entitled “Hot ‘n Hunky.” It’s late spring and the weather is ideal for outdoor shooting; Hans is in perfect physical condition and the combination sets the stage for a magnificent “skin show” in the dazzling light and shadows of a typical New England June afternoon. In Jeans and in the raw, Hans is both sensual and manly.  His uncut penis grows to a massive 8 inch erection. 

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