Introducing Paul Jordan

Paul is 22 yrs old, 6’3" with a 48" chest and 34"waist.  Yeah he’s straight and has a very nice 7" cock.

Paul is a part of the Dreamboys one of the biggest lads and certainly the youngest. He is just 22 and has been pumping up since he was 16, when he says he was a weedy kid! His body is rock solid and you can see the definition! He plays basketball and the rest of his time he is pumping iron down the gym. If you like ripped pumped up men with hard dicks, Paul is wont disappoint you!  You can see him and his videos along with his UK sexy buds.  Enjoy 

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  Mark At

Meet Mark At

Mark is in front of a camera for the first time and is quick to strip and show off his nicely tanned and toned body. He pulls down his boxers and his uncut cock is slightly semi and just a few strokes sees it spring up nicely to a loaded spring! He relaxes into some great wanking before trying to suck his own cock, not quite, so he pulls out a toy and shoves it up. His cock manages to get even more hard and he pushes in and out his hairy hole. After plenty of ass stuffing he cant take any more and drops his load all over his abs. Another satisfied lad!

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Matt, Kai And Anthony At

Big Matt, Kai and Anthony At

Big Matt, Kai and Anthony are all on one bed and these three lads just cant their hands off each other, you’d never think one of them was str8! Cocks are quickly out and in mouths or hands, so many erect cocks its hard to choose which one to suck on! Matt as usual doesn’t get completely hard until a cock is in his mouth and once he has sucked dick his massive 12 incher is sliding into Kai’s welcoming hole! A minute later and Kai slips on a condom and enters Anthony, some great 3 sum fucking leads to Matt pulling out and shooting his load in Anthony’s mouth, Kai’s sees this and dumps his load all over Anthony’s body! Cum everywhere! 

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