Cade And TJ At – Stay Tuned!

This vid is something new and different for CF. It’s about fucking, pure and simple. If there are any two guys who can put on an incredible fuck session, it’s Cade as top and TJ as bottom. Both of these guys have proven themselves great at each, and now they show off just how hot it can be when an encounter is purely lustful, sexual, and about absolutely nothing more than physical pleasure. There’s just a tiny bit of kissing in this video before TJ gets bent over the weight bench, that amazing ass of his ready for Cade’s cock. Neither guy is even fully naked before Cade’s thick dick is buried in and pounding away at TJ’s hole. 

On the surface, this video looks as if it’s only about Cade’s pleasure. TJ’s clothes only come off enough for his ass to get drilled. He’s bent over the weight bench doggy style throughout, getting slammed from behind. Cade doesn’t touch TJ’s cock at all. TJ doesn’t even cum.

But don’t let all that fool you. Certainly, Cade was incredibly turned on by it all. But it’s obviously that TJ was, as well! In fact, TJ practically looked more fired up and turned on by Cade’s intense cumshot than he ever has during any of his own!

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