Meet Brandon Fox At

This week, we bring you Brandon Fox. At 6’ tall, weighing a solid 190 lbs., this steel blue-eyed stud is a recent addition to the MenOver30 club, having just turned 30 a few months back. (how about the over 40 club lol). He lives in San Diego now; but, originally this corn-fed hottie is from Chicago. He loves the West coast, because Surfing isn’t all that easy to do in Lake Michigan. He is soft spoken and well mannered, and his smile could brighten any room. Brandon is extremely charming and his dancing’s been a side gig to help him through school. Now interning at a law firm, after graduating with a double major in Criminal Justice and Communications, he’s not your average go-go boy! We can assure you there isn’t anything “average” about him.  Enjoy. 

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