Cooker and Tucker AT

Slowly but surely, Cooker’s come around. As a lot of you know, Cooker, the 29 yr. old, professional chef, has come a long way at ExtraBigDicks! Starting with solos, it was revealed in past interviews that due to his enormous endowment, he rarely finds a girl who can deep throat him. “Boys do it better!” we always say; but eventually they showed him! Chase, the oral wonder boy, swallowed Cooker to the hilt with ease and left a wide-eyed Cooker curious to explore just what “other” things boys can do better. Well, the long awaited day has come, and Cooker’s ready to find out! Today, our favorite chef will be accompanied in what we are sure will be one of his hottest scenes to date. For this long awaited segment of the “Boys do it Better” Buffet, they knew just who to call Tucker! Tucker, the 23 year old from Michigan who’s cute as a button at a compact 5’6, will do what he does best—play with the biggest of boys! Tucker gets to be the first guy to ever have his tight ass invaded by our very own Cooker—the ultimate “Top Chef”! Some boys have all the luck! Enjoy.

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