Blowing James Oak On

After getting married, James Oak took some time away from the biz to focus on his beautiful new bride. James and I are good friends, and true to form, James remains focused on all things that deal with his cock. I invited him over just to hang out. He said his latest obsession was "penile enlargement" for "her" pleasure. Being in the porn biz, I had a penis pump lying around that hadn’t been used. I told him I’d give it to him as a belated wedding gift if I got to see him use it. Wedded bliss hadn’t diminished James’ carefree personality one bit, and he was happy to oblige. Once James got himself all pumped up, he needed to bust a nut in a major way. He started fingering his own ass to help get his nut off, and I offered him a dildo to heighten his pleasure. Once James hit his horny peak, it was like old times. I didn’t need an invitation to start sucking on his throbbing cock or lick his beautiful ass. And being a true friend, I was more than happy to finger fuck his tight hole until he busted a creamy nut all over himself. Dorothy said it best, "There’s no place like home," especially for James Oak at

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