Blake And Tony At

Newbies are fun to watch as they progress through their first tentative solos, nervously posing and jacking off, getting more and more excited as time goes on, getting more and more comfortable with being in the spotlight. But now we’re goin’ all glam and star fit on you guys with Blake Riley and Tony Capucci. Blake is a well known name in the industry and to think he started out on RandyBlue. He jumps head first into any project he’s given and gives it his all. Tony is still relatively new but has done enough work that you’d think he’s been in it for years. His body is amazing and when he smiles at you there’s nothing you can do to suppress that raging hardon that’s just popped into you pants. Putting these two together was like mixing fire and ice and watching the steam rise. Tony totally takes charge and gives Blake the ass pounding of his life, and Blake loves every minute of it. Blake looks like he’s going to explode from the magnitude of Tony’s fucking, which isn’t helped by the way he smacks Blake’s ass and puts him in his place as the power bottom that he is. These two have energy together as you’ll see. Enjoy!

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