Blake And Brent At

  Randy was thinking, what if two hot guys, such as Brent Diggs and Blake Riley, were working out alone one day and the hot musky sent of their sweat and the muscles flexing and glistening in the overhead lights became too much for them to handle? I mean, think of it. The fantasy of having sex in the gym is one that a lot of gay men have had. There’s just something so masculine about the surroundings, with all those machines that would provide many different opportunities for new positions. And the thrill of having sex in a public place where anyone could walk in on you. Plus, you just can’t escape the image of all those hot sweaty men pumping iron while you pump your boyfriend, fuckbuddy or random trick. Randy asked Brent and Blake if they would be up for it and they both jumped at the chance. Turns out they both think the gym is one of the sexiest places around. Not to mention the fact that they were both so into each other. Blake’s body is as tight and toned as ever. And Brent is obviously comfortable working out as you can tell by his smooth bulging biceps, hunky legs and huge pecs. Two hunks like this let loose in a gym with no boundaries. What more could you want? Enjoy!

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