Introducing Big Peter At

“Big Peter” is all that. At 6 feet 7 inches, 220 pounds, a size 15 shoe and a monster fat uncut mantle of solid man meat, this suave macho Italian is all the hot stud you wish you could handle. Just imagine swinging on that all American flag pole. Peter was actually on lunch break when he showed up for the shoot, so since he forgot to bring along some clothing changes some quick improvising had to be done.  The result was instant Brad Garrett … but with a much smoother complexion. Sweet. Then it’s on to the weight bench and a flashy stripped tee where Peter talks both boldly and proudly of his female conquests, particularly referring to his massive endowment. Well check it out for yourself. This dude is huge. Not only tall and athletic but when fully erect, we’re talking lethal weapon here. Getting on the other end of that bully club, for any reason at all, spells just as much pain as it does pleasure. Or should we say that this dude’s pleasure may be another man’s pain? Are you ready for Big Peter 🙂

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