Introducing Josh Elliott in Mating Season

Join the boys as they head out on a bike excursion around the Slovak countryside, exploring barns, ruins and each other on the way.  Hans Klee and Bolek Polanski open the action with a romp in the barn.  Benjamin Bloom and Davey Paxton are next in the ruins of an old mansion, while upstairs Troy, Josh and Luke are also doing some exploring of their own.  Watch as Joey Amis indulges in his passion for cum eating in BelAmi’s biggest ever blow job sequence.  Come with us as Renato Amoroso and Thierry Aulin show us how it is done down on the farm and wrap it all up with a biker boy orgy with Luke Hammil, Davey Paxton, Josh Elliot, Johnny Surabaya, Troy Allen, Benjamin Bloom and Henri Gaudin.

 Check out the Cast:

Alexi Zagorin                                        Benjamin Bloom

Davy Paxton                                                              Bolek Polanski

Joey Amis                                                     Henri Gaudin

Luke Hamil                                                Manuel Rios

Renato Amaroso                                                           Roman Prada

Troy Allen                                                      Ruslan Brodovich

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