Ajax (on the right) Fucks Adam ( on the left) At ChaosMen.com 

 This time out Ajax was determined to be a top, so Bryan thought he would put him with a known element who always has a great time- Adam.  Once again, having Ajax’s ass played with got him hard, and  the kid is a bottom but won’t admit it. Adam does a stellar job of blowing him and teasing his ass. They tried a few different positions, and they ended up fucking on a chair. It was a little challenging, but they both pulled it off. Ajax was having trouble getting close to nutting. They tried and tried, and he just wasnt gonna get there. Frankly Bryan  thinks he needed a dick in his butt!  Finally Bryan put a big ‘ole butt plug up his ass, and he laid there as Adam worked himself to nut all over his cock. He cums, but man, its just not noticeable. Adam, however, had ROPES of cum shooting out. Probably his best cumshot ever. Enjoy!

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