9" Cooker Stevens Plows Andrew Stevens On ExtraBigDIcks.com

There’s only one Top chef at ExtraBigDicks.com and behind that apron is 9” of thick white meat attached to EDB’s own triple threat, Cooker Stevens. Cooker not only cooks and bakes, he fucks and sucks, kisses and rims, he even took one ride on the pole himself but today, that lucky journey of ascending Cooker’s tower of power is being performed by the cite, dark and oh so sexy Feliz Andrews. Feliz just licks his lips and watches as Cooker works his meat. His head bobs expertly up and down on Feliz’ meat and as the oral escalates they then flip into a hot 69 with Cooker on top still shoving his throat down onto Feliz’ cock as Feliz lies back and nurses on his meat. He rims Feliz’ sweet ass as he makes Feliz even hornier for dick. Cooker then stands, lines up his meat and easily slides inside. He’s pounding away at Feliz’ ass as Feliz just moan and begs for more. Cooker’s heavy balls slap away at Feliz’ balls and ass with every deep thrust Cooker sends home. Next, Feliz straddles Cooker’s cock as he impales himself for even more tenderizing. "Ride my dick" Cooker moans as Feliz engulfs his dick. Then they get into a hot missionary position as Cooker pounds his ass deep ordering him to cum for him. Feliz explodes in minutes and Cooker isn’t far behind coating Feliz’ abs and chest with a thickened sauce of his own!

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