Introducing Fratman Dave New At Fratmen.TV

This is Dave. Dave is a fan of Dynamic Tension, the Charles Atlas technique of body building which has given him a body right out of a 1950s physique magazine. Strong arms, hairy pits, a square jaw and abs that pop right out at you. He showed the guys an exercise called "Clean and Jerk." We did the same thing after we saw him, but not in that order. Also check out some new behind-the-scenes fun with Dave, Shay, Kelan and Diego in the Fratmen members’ blog. 

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Travis Newest Pledge At The Fratpad!

Introducing Travis New At

Here’s Travis, the new pledge at Fratpad. Fratmen.TV members fell in love with Travis when he made his first appearance on the LIVE! show along with Glenn, Ari and Kelan, but his arrival at the pad has been a HUGE success. Members are still calling his first two hours as "the best introduction ever" on Fratpad. Within 30 minutes, he’d shown every square inch of his body, blown a big load and hopped into the shower with Diego. His "Chocolate Syrup Shower" is still legendary and although we’re not sure what his obsession with showing his asshole close up to the camera is, we’re glad he does it. And how about those abs and blonde pubes?  

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