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Zeb Atlas In Octillo On

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

Zeb Atlas At

This week we update you with the lastest video gallery additiona at ManifestMen. It’s a great project featuring Zeb Atlas. Zeb and Vin Marco have been friends for about 5 years and have been waiting for the right time to do a project together. This is the first in a pair of videos that show two different sides to Zeb’s personality. It was shot in the Ocotillo Mountains on the US Mexican border. When you see the images, we believe you will agree that this is some of the best work Zeb has ever done. His physique has never been better.

 Zeb Atlas In Octillo

Alone in the timeless magnificence of a rock strewn and cactus laden desert landscape stands the equally timeless and massive muscular beauty of the ripped and handsome Zeb Atlas. In his ManifestMen debut, Zeb Atlas stands and flexes his incredibly huge body and looks skyward as though drawing power and strength from the blazing sun. Don’t bother trying to decide which Zeb’s most compelling pose is or which his most eye-riveting body part is. It’s impossible to decide. You won’t be able to whether the camera is zeroing in on his cannonball biceps or his slabs of rippling chest muscles, the carved and veined granite of his legs or his thick muscle cock hanging and swelling with muscle pride. Zeb Atlas knows he has an unseen captive audience and as feels his own flexing muscles and grips his cock he has formed a bond with you. He knows what you want him to do and he wants to do it just for you–leaning back against a weathered boulder, his tanned muscles glistening in the sun, Zeb Atlas begins to stroke his cock. At last Zeb reclines on the desert floor and jacks his cock until his muscles flex and swell and he lets loose with a thick load. Just for you.

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Meet Cody Cummings At

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

Introducing Cody Cummings At

There is a very hot new site out called Cody Cummings, starring of course Cody Cummings. Cody is a hunk! Plain and simple.  We’re sure you’ll agree.  Cody is dark haired, 5’9" weighing around 175 lbs with a shoe size of around 9 1/2 to 10" which just happens to match another of his attributes! Cody loves sex and it shows.  He loves to lift weights and that shows to, and cook and music and to read.  He’s a warm and friendly guy and one of the hottest studs on the net.  Enjoy our preview of Cody. 

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Big Baby Blue At

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

Meet Baby Blue At

One look at those mischievous blue eyes, and it’s obvious why he goes by the nick name “Baby Blue”. Baby Blue is quite the character. He’s 22, 5’10, and packs a whopping 8” cock in his pants with incredible low hangers.  He’s the kind of guy that would make any party “a party”. He’s an exhibitionist and a voyeur. He isn’t shy about much, and isn’t afraid to try new things. Last week he had a girl he knew come pick him up at a bar cuz he was tanked. He ended up nailing his Designated Driver in a friend’s bathroom for 2 hours. Well, he was drunk! A hang over and a damaged towel rack later…“She was sober…and she initiated it, so I was like—alright”, he laughs. He is a horny one and loves to jack off anywhere and everywhere he can.  He says he likes his eyes as well, but more than anything he likes who he is. We like who he is too; but we think once we get him ‘nekid’, we’re gonna like a hell of a lot more.  Enjoy. 

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Introducing Samuel & Mark At

Saturday, April 26th, 2008


Mark speaks no English, Samuel just a few words. Both have bodies to die for, both identify themselves as straight. Yet, they hardly needed directions: Mark took it like a pro and Samuel mischievously enjoyed drilling his pal. We won’t tell their girlfriends.  Enjoy. 

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Tristan in “Rock Hard” At

Friday, April 25th, 2008

Tristan In "Rock Hard" Only At

Ok, Tristan is hot, we should say fucking hot because that’s the only way you can describe him after viewing his latest BukBuddies set entitled “Rock Hard.” We were lucky to catch Tristan on a bright sunny spring day and was it worth the trip up north to see this jacked and ripped sex puppy parade around the house first in next to nothing, then later as his natural boner busting hunky nude self … plus naked as a jay bird working up a sweat in the back yard and on the deck fully exposed. The shots are superior; the moods breathtaking. Shooting the video was just as much fun. Tristan provides animated non stop dialogue, sexy vignettes and a heart pounding erotically explosive finale as he dumps a monster jizz load on his chiseled abs. But there’s more … including dynamite shower shots and lots of extra “behind the scenes” video for all Tristan’s fans to enjoy. This is a set and video not to be missed and his DVD is a must have with all the extra footage. Bottom line, Tristan’s latest feature is just what BukBuddies is all about, showing off amateur straight dudes at their best. This week BukBuddies is definitely spelled “Tristan.” Enjoy! 

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Tasty Stud Seth Sweet At SG4GE

Friday, April 18th, 2008

Big Seth Sweet At Straight Guys 4 Gay Eyes

Ok guys here’s one for you fence straddlers or for those who love to fantasize about how good it would be to trade places with the sexy chicky hehe.  The aptly named Seth Sweet is one tasty dude. He combines appetizing abs, savory pecs and a delectable ass – not too mention a luscious 8-inch cock – into a great tasting banquet of manliness. Seth uses all these ingredients to create a full course meal of sex. Seth samples the entire buffet of fucking, taking his girl from behind, from below, from above, at speeds slow, steady and supercharged. All in all, it’s one great tasting scene. This is so friggin hot! 

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Meet Jesse At

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Meet Jesse At

"Meet our latest discovery – Jesse! Jesse is a hot  Cuban with a thin build and a thick UNCUT COCK! Jesse is straight and between girlfriends right now so his balls are full of YOUNG CUM!  The guys asked him if he wanted to model for the site and he told them that he had actually thought of before so YES! He also said  that he needed to bust a NUT so of course,  the camera rolled we get to watch Jesse do what CUMS naturally!

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Sean’s First Happy Ending At

Saturday, April 12th, 2008

Meet Sean At

 Sean is a straight construction worker, as you may remember, and he has never done anything with another guy sexually.  Sean’s a pretty big guy, so Buzz didn’t want to do anything to piss him off! Buzz invited Kendall to come over and give him a hand with this one, and told him that Sean was up for a massage and maybe head from a guy. Kendall, of course, likes to get right to business, so he gave him a little rub down, and then goes right for the goods! Sean reacts by spreading his legs farther apart! Buzz was wide eyed with anticipation! Next thing, Kendall had Sean up on his hands and knees and was milking his fat cock that was hard as a rock! They flip him over and Kendall rubs him a little more before getting out the flavored lube and swallows Sean’s cock all the way to the balls! Sean holds back for a few minutes before he let’s loose of a real nice load! SO HOT! Ah first times!

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Introducing Derek Russo At

Saturday, April 12th, 2008

Introducing Derek Russo At – Part I

ManifestMen’s first new video for 2008 stared Derek Russo. Derek has made three appearances in Playgirl and has a huge fan base around the world. Manifest brings the first video appearance of this stud.  This video is going to be a real winner.  Stay tuned for Part II Derek  the uncut version coming soon to Men4MenLive Blog!

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Twin Paul Get’s Serviced At

Monday, April 7th, 2008

 Paul Prince Back At 

You can’t say Bryan didn’t try to get the Prince Twins back in to do "more", but Sean had hit his limits with guy-on-guy stuff.  Paul here however had some traffic tickies he needed taken care of and as long as Bryan didn’t mention the oral video to his brother Sean, he’d be down with it.  Paul was pretty nervous and quiet, and this is a little bit longer than most Serviced videos as Bryan went ahead and showed getting him hard from start to finish.  Bryan looked up once and he was making kind of a pained face. Little did he know he was trying not to bust. He was also nevous about rimming, but his dick responded very well. That always surprises them. 

If you happened to watch his solo with his brother, you know both dudes can hit the ceiling when they bust. This is good!!  Enjoy. 

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