Introducing Chris At MiamiBoyz.com

May 19th, 2008|

Introducing Chris At MiamiBoyz.com

"We would like you to meet Chris. Chris is  a hot young Latino who is totally straight. His background is Cuban and he really has a lot of Latin heat! Chris is straight (he wanted us to tell you that again)…he’s got a girlfriend and he is hopes she doesn’t see this shoot…but we are glad that he decided to show off his hot body…check out those abs…and of course, that UNCUT cock! We know that you will enjoy watching this HOT MiamiBoyz discovery showing off his body ONLY on MiamiBoyz.com!"  Enjoy. 

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Camden & Leo At ChaosMen.com

May 18th, 2008|

Camden & Leo At ChaosMen.com

Ironically, after Leo’s shoot with Phenix, Leo asked that Bryan to find a gay guy for him to work with, "I want to have sex with a guy who is really in to me." Oh don’t we all want that lol. Bryan actually get this request often. A lot of the straight guys think it will be easier if there is that "energy" there, and it does seem easier when the gay guy is there and WAY in to it. Lots of deep kissing, some great ass eating, and we love the part where Camden bobs his apple inside Leo’s mouth. 

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Robert Carnivelle At CirckJerkBoys.com

May 18th, 2008|

Introducing Roberto Carnivelle At CircleJerkBoys.com

Roberto Carnivelle is everything you’d expect from an Italian stallion. He’s 22, tall, chiseled, dark features, and basically what Michelangelo would’ve deemed worthy of a chunk of marble five centuries ago. Back home, Roberto is a personal trainer and a fashion model. He had a girlfriend back in Italy that he left behind after four years in order to pursue other ventures on this side of the pond. He loves it here and says the culture and lifestyle is different than what he’s used to. He specially loves all the women walking around. Well, South Beach is known for its honeys. Roberto loves exotic women and black girls, and Latinas make his blood boil. He especially loves girl that know how to suck cock. That’s his favorite thing to do …and he prefers nice girls to mean ones.  When asked if the girls in Miami are more passionate than the ones he left behind —“No, no, no!’, he laughs, ‘Italian women are better.” He is incredibly sexual; yet doesn’t like to jack off. He saves his reserves for when he gets to put it to better use. His first awkward experience was at the tender age of 15 with a much older girl who seduced him. He’s been perfecting his craft ever since. When asked what would be his ultimate fantasy: “I would want to have a big orgy with 5 hot, black girls, of course.” —Mamma Mia!  Enjoy …

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Mitchell Rock Palm Springs Idyll At ManifestMen

May 13th, 2008|

MITCHELL ROCK: Palm Springs Idyll At ManifestMen.com

There’s a fire burning inside a Palm Springs hideaway and isn’t just in the fireplace. Here you’ll find yourself deliberately and slowly seduced by tattooed and tanned muscleman Mitchell Rock. In a living room lit only by flickering candles and a blazing hearth fire, Mitchell Rock relaxes with a cocktail while his internal sexual fire begins to burn. Soon, Mitchell is stripped to his briefs next to the fire which plays off his tan and perfect body from his powerful pecs to his thick legs. The fire within grows and Mitchell Rock goes from rubbing his bulging crotch to stripping down and standing naked in front of the fire. Once he is completely hard he gazes into a nearby mirror watching his muscles flex as he strokes his cock. As much as Mitchell Rock would love to shoot his load he lets it build and he extends the pleasure of stroking his cock and flexing his body all while transfixed by his own reflection. At last, with muscles pumped and veins bulging Mitchell Rock lets loose–pumping our his thick load over his quads and literally milking his cock dry. Enjoy. 

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Palmer’s Solo At CorbinFisher.com

May 11th, 2008|

Introducing Palmer At CorbinFisher.com

AGE: 20
HEIGHT: 5’11"
BUILD: Muscular
COCK: 7.5" Cut

Palmer said on his app that he was heading off to college in a few short weeks and he needed to make some good money fast to offset a scholarship that fell through! When he first showed up at the studio he looked even hotter in person! Physically, this stud is just about perfect…muscular arms (just right in size), washboard abs, cute as fuck face, nice dick, pretty feet, and a great smile…and he puts ALL of that to work in his sizzling debut video on CF! Don’t miss it!  

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Zeb Atlas In Octillo On ManifestMen.com

May 8th, 2008|

Zeb Atlas At ManifestMen.com

This week we update you with the lastest video gallery additiona at ManifestMen. It’s a great project featuring Zeb Atlas. Zeb and Vin Marco have been friends for about 5 years and have been waiting for the right time to do a project together. This is the first in a pair of videos that show two different sides to Zeb’s personality. It was shot in the Ocotillo Mountains on the US Mexican border. When you see the images, we believe you will agree that this is some of the best work Zeb has ever done. His physique has never been better.

 Zeb Atlas In Octillo

Alone in the timeless magnificence of a rock strewn and cactus laden desert landscape stands the equally timeless and massive muscular beauty of the ripped and handsome Zeb Atlas. In his ManifestMen debut, Zeb Atlas stands and flexes his incredibly huge body and looks skyward as though drawing power and strength from the blazing sun. Don’t bother trying to decide which Zeb’s most compelling pose is or which his most eye-riveting body part is. It’s impossible to decide. You won’t be able to whether the camera is zeroing in on his cannonball biceps or his slabs of rippling chest muscles, the carved and veined granite of his legs or his thick muscle cock hanging and swelling with muscle pride. Zeb Atlas knows he has an unseen captive audience and as feels his own flexing muscles and grips his cock he has formed a bond with you. He knows what you want him to do and he wants to do it just for you–leaning back against a weathered boulder, his tanned muscles glistening in the sun, Zeb Atlas begins to stroke his cock. At last Zeb reclines on the desert floor and jacks his cock until his muscles flex and swell and he lets loose with a thick load. Just for you.

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Meet Cody Cummings At CodyCummings.com

May 6th, 2008|

Introducing Cody Cummings At CodyCummings.com

There is a very hot new site out called Cody Cummings, starring of course Cody Cummings. Cody is a hunk! Plain and simple.  We’re sure you’ll agree.  Cody is dark haired, 5’9" weighing around 175 lbs with a shoe size of around 9 1/2 to 10" which just happens to match another of his attributes! Cody loves sex and it shows.  He loves to lift weights and that shows to, and cook and music and to read.  He’s a warm and friendly guy and one of the hottest studs on the net.  Enjoy our preview of Cody. 

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Big Baby Blue At ExtraBigDicks.com

May 1st, 2008|

Meet Baby Blue At ExtraBigDIcks.com

One look at those mischievous blue eyes, and it’s obvious why he goes by the nick name “Baby Blue”. Baby Blue is quite the character. He’s 22, 5’10, and packs a whopping 8” cock in his pants with incredible low hangers.  He’s the kind of guy that would make any party “a party”. He’s an exhibitionist and a voyeur. He isn’t shy about much, and isn’t afraid to try new things. Last week he had a girl he knew come pick him up at a bar cuz he was tanked. He ended up nailing his Designated Driver in a friend’s bathroom for 2 hours. Well, he was drunk! A hang over and a damaged towel rack later…“She was sober…and she initiated it, so I was like—alright”, he laughs. He is a horny one and loves to jack off anywhere and everywhere he can.  He says he likes his eyes as well, but more than anything he likes who he is. We like who he is too; but we think once we get him ‘nekid’, we’re gonna like a hell of a lot more.  Enjoy. 

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Introducing Samuel & Mark At LucasKazan.com

April 26th, 2008|

SAMUEL & MARK At LucasKazan.com

Mark speaks no English, Samuel just a few words. Both have bodies to die for, both identify themselves as straight. Yet, they hardly needed directions: Mark took it like a pro and Samuel mischievously enjoyed drilling his pal. We won’t tell their girlfriends.  Enjoy. 

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Tristan in “Rock Hard” At BukBuddies.com

April 25th, 2008|

Tristan In "Rock Hard" Only At Bukbuddies.com

Ok, Tristan is hot, we should say fucking hot because that’s the only way you can describe him after viewing his latest BukBuddies set entitled “Rock Hard.” We were lucky to catch Tristan on a bright sunny spring day and was it worth the trip up north to see this jacked and ripped sex puppy parade around the house first in next to nothing, then later as his natural boner busting hunky nude self … plus naked as a jay bird working up a sweat in the back yard and on the deck fully exposed. The shots are superior; the moods breathtaking. Shooting the video was just as much fun. Tristan provides animated non stop dialogue, sexy vignettes and a heart pounding erotically explosive finale as he dumps a monster jizz load on his chiseled abs. But there’s more … including dynamite shower shots and lots of extra “behind the scenes” video for all Tristan’s fans to enjoy. This is a set and video not to be missed and his DVD is a must have with all the extra footage. Bottom line, Tristan’s latest feature is just what BukBuddies is all about, showing off amateur straight dudes at their best. This week BukBuddies is definitely spelled “Tristan.” Enjoy! 

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