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Meet Jesse At

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Meet Jesse At

"Meet our latest discovery – Jesse! Jesse is a hot  Cuban with a thin build and a thick UNCUT COCK! Jesse is straight and between girlfriends right now so his balls are full of YOUNG CUM!  The guys asked him if he wanted to model for the site and he told them that he had actually thought of before so YES! He also said  that he needed to bust a NUT so of course,  the camera rolled we get to watch Jesse do what CUMS naturally!

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Sean’s First Happy Ending At

Saturday, April 12th, 2008

Meet Sean At

 Sean is a straight construction worker, as you may remember, and he has never done anything with another guy sexually.  Sean’s a pretty big guy, so Buzz didn’t want to do anything to piss him off! Buzz invited Kendall to come over and give him a hand with this one, and told him that Sean was up for a massage and maybe head from a guy. Kendall, of course, likes to get right to business, so he gave him a little rub down, and then goes right for the goods! Sean reacts by spreading his legs farther apart! Buzz was wide eyed with anticipation! Next thing, Kendall had Sean up on his hands and knees and was milking his fat cock that was hard as a rock! They flip him over and Kendall rubs him a little more before getting out the flavored lube and swallows Sean’s cock all the way to the balls! Sean holds back for a few minutes before he let’s loose of a real nice load! SO HOT! Ah first times!

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Introducing Derek Russo At

Saturday, April 12th, 2008

Introducing Derek Russo At – Part I

ManifestMen’s first new video for 2008 stared Derek Russo. Derek has made three appearances in Playgirl and has a huge fan base around the world. Manifest brings the first video appearance of this stud.  This video is going to be a real winner.  Stay tuned for Part II Derek  the uncut version coming soon to Men4MenLive Blog!

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Twin Paul Get’s Serviced At

Monday, April 7th, 2008

 Paul Prince Back At 

You can’t say Bryan didn’t try to get the Prince Twins back in to do "more", but Sean had hit his limits with guy-on-guy stuff.  Paul here however had some traffic tickies he needed taken care of and as long as Bryan didn’t mention the oral video to his brother Sean, he’d be down with it.  Paul was pretty nervous and quiet, and this is a little bit longer than most Serviced videos as Bryan went ahead and showed getting him hard from start to finish.  Bryan looked up once and he was making kind of a pained face. Little did he know he was trying not to bust. He was also nevous about rimming, but his dick responded very well. That always surprises them. 

If you happened to watch his solo with his brother, you know both dudes can hit the ceiling when they bust. This is good!!  Enjoy. 

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Introducing Trey Rexx At

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

Introducing Trey Rexx At

Have you checked out yet? If you appreciate the extraordinary time and effort it takes to create a muscle-god body and have always wanted to get up close to these types of men, this is the site for you. They offer a wholly different type of ‘adult’ experience with ‘real guys’ not just porn models strutting their ’stuff’ not that there’s anything wrong with that lol. ManifestMen profiles only their own exclusive models. Want to talk live to your favorite muscle stud? ManifestMen offers 2 live shows a week to fit your schedule.

Check out Trey Rexx can you stand it!

Hernando Guiterez At

Saturday, April 5th, 2008

Introducing Hernando Guiterez At

Hernando Guitterez may be a party boy, but he’s not just another pretty face in the crowd. Hernando is a serious gymnast who’s gotten into bodybuilding competition. The result: a pretty young Argentinian musclepup who knows all the moves. He likes to use them, too. And so when we asked Hernando to pose for our cameras, he wanted to know what we wanted: his routine on the rings, or his bodybuilding posing. We told him we wanted something a little more intimate. He smiled and said, "Okay! The rings are boring anyway."  Enjoy. 

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Kelan Is Hosting Pledge Class 5 At

Saturday, April 5th, 2008

Kelan Hosting Pledge Class 5  At

Fratman Kelan is a hot blonde member of the fraternity.  If you haven’t seen him, you’ll love him. He’s full of surprises and provactions.  Check him out this weekend of anytime but LIVE this weekend through the 7th!

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Bonus Feature "Connor Takes On The Fratpad!"

Connor Takes On The Fratpad

The big news at Fratpad is that their newest pledge is none other than Fratman Connor. Connor has been a favorite at Fratmen.TV not only because of his great shows and great personality but because of his impressive 9-inch dick that he LOVES to whip out any chance he gets.  If you haven’t visited the Fratpad yet, you’re missing out on the best Live All Male Cam house online. 

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Ex Marine Bailey At

Friday, April 4th, 2008

Meet Bailey At

Bailey is a HOT former Marine that stayed  in San Diego when he was discharged last year, and he’s loving it. Bailey has a super  sexy voice, and in case you couldn’t tell, he’s really into the tats! He’s an avid scuba diver, and many of his tats are based on something to do with that.  When asked if he’d ever done anything with a guy, he said, not yet. We  LOVE that answer. So pushing forward, he also said that he was not against trying some new things! We can hardly wait! Enjoy. 

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Alberto At

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

Introducing Alberto At

This week we bring you Alberto. Alberto is a super Latino with rock hard muscles and a big UNCUT cock hanging between his powerful legs! He’s from Argentina and enjoys having his cock sucked by both guys and girls. It’s not easy to get this kid to smile but when you have a body like he’s got most people are not looking at his face anyway..they are looking more at that POWERFUL chest…that HOT ass…and of course, if they are lucky, that THICK UNCUT COCK!  Enjoy. 

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Meltdown With Desmond At!

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Meet John Desmond On

John Desmond has the All-American jock look that would make anyone look twice as he passed them by. At 6’1”, his defined frame is kept in shape by his love of outdoor sports. He’s a long distance runner; often doing pack runs carrying 40-50 pounds for 8 or 9 miles. Kayaking and rock climbing keep his upper body in peak shape. John lost his cherry at the tender age of 13 in Catholic school with a classmate when a game of ‘Show and Tell’ led to much more. As exciting as that must’ve been for a 7th grader, it pales in comparison to other experiences in his repertoire. He’s even had sex on the “Zipper” at the fair. His then girlfriend thought it would be hot to try it, and on a minute and a half ride—they did! “I don’t remember where—it could’ve been upside down—but I know I came!” he boasts. A minute and a half? Hardly braggin’ rights, but there’s something to be said for spontaneous sex. His ultimate fantasy would be fucking a college professor after being held after class. Anyone see a pattern here? Between goes, John takes care of his cock about three times a week depending on how much pussy he gets. Well, we already know how he keeps that bod in shape, so today he’s gonna give us a peek at how he keeps his 8” baby-maker primed and ready for anything—anywhere!  Give it me!  Enjoy.

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