IFBB Pro Julio Cesar de Rocha At MuscleGallery

April 26th, 2011|

Julio Cesar de Rocha At MuscleGallery.com!

Julio Cesar de Rocha


28 year old bodybuilder and bodyguard Julio Cesar da Rocha is 5’11" tall and carries a weight of 232 lbs of solid muscles. He lives in Natal in Northern Brazil. IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and MuscleGallery Model Silvio Samuel was born in the same town. Far away from the cities Sao Paulo and Rio this is a very quite and relaxed place where everybody seems to work out. While Julio Cesar carries some amazing muscle size, he also maintains his flexibility and has a black belt in Karate.

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Handsome Bi Latin Stud Alberto On LatinBoyz

April 21st, 2011|

"I am bi and a total top but I do like to get rimmed. ‘Sexual Turn Offs.’ I dislike boring fucks! Sexual Fantasy’. I have done it all."


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Giuseppe Pardis Outdoors At Last At LucasKazan!

April 20th, 2011|

Giuseppe Pardi’s Outdoor Shoot At LucasKazan!

In the Model’s Gallery
Giuseppe Pardi

Giuseppe has long deserved an outdoor shoot, but it was too chilly in last Fall (up in the Venetian region) and too rainy in last Spring (Tuscany). Fast-forward to March : sunny California, a gorgeous day and a turquoise swimming pool in the background. Giuseppe,  never looked more relaxed nor more handsome. He needed no magazines or dvds. Alone with his sexual fantasies… and Ettore Tosi a couple of meters away!

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Raffaele Major Hottie At LucasKazan

April 8th, 2011|


 All New Site Design – Super Hot 

 Raffaele A Definite 10 At LucasKazan.com

Convincing Raffaele into auditioning was no walk in the park, but he was worth the extra effort. Everything about Raffaele is a 10: his smile, his boyish charm, his six-pack, his bubble butt. I daringly asked him about a 3-way with me and a friend and he got very close to agreeing. 

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FalconStudios Morning Wood Is A Must See!

March 30th, 2011|


FalconStudios Morning Wood Is A Must See! 

At The All New FalconStudios!

Starring Big Dicked Landon Conrad 

Morning wood or morning glory. Question is: how will you work it off?

Waking up with a rock hard erection, you know you’re gonna start the day with a full tank. You’re all juiced-up with plenty in the bank and you have the entire day ahead to spend it! Morning wood is a sure-tell sign that good things are gonna happen. 

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Powerman Stefano Rinaldi Professional Seducer

March 26th, 2011|

 Stefano Rinaldi
The Professional Seducer



Chippendalish, long-haired, hot, hung and handsome Stefano is the stud muffin brides-to-be dream about – and usually hire for their bachelorette parties, two weeks before the wedding. But Stefano is just a little more than that – he has his own personal fantasies going on. Come check out this handsome private dancer with the rippling abs and the impressive personal equipment. Maybe you’ll want a bachelorette party of your own.

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Super Muscle Latin Hunk Angel Cordoba

March 12th, 2011|


Super Muscle Latin Hunk Angel Cordova

At MuscleHunks!



Angel has the face of…well, an angel…and the ass of…well, a BIG angel. WHATTA butt…in the past he’s been admired by Manuel Melia, and now he’s the focus of even more attention, including the JO fantasies of that beautiful buttboy Anton Buttone. But Angel is not to be outdone,…as you’ll soon see! Now with 18 all-new HD video clips!




Super Hung Kevin Collins LIVE On MuscleHunks

March 10th, 2011|



 Kevin Collins 12" Uncut Cock On MuscleHunks.com



Uncut 12" cock! Swinging between Kevin’s toned thighs. Kevin Collins has to be seen to be believed. We’d heard about this – um, supremely talented young man – whispered rumors, some incredulous emails, and we just had to see for ourselves. So will you. Not for nothing is this slightly shy, unassuming young man the object of admiration, and – well, lust – by both men and women…But dont take our word for it. See for yourself ….



Max Veneziano Uber Italian Hot Big Top

March 7th, 2011|

Italian Max Veneziano Uber Hot Big Top

Nationality: Italy
Height: 6’2
Weight: 190 lbs
Dick: 9.5 (24.13 cms) uncircumcised
Position: Versatile

Allow us to introduce you one of our favorite  porn stars, Max Venezianoen. Kristen had the opportunity to work with Max on Under the Big Top (his first gay film and Journey to Greece).  Kristen got to be Max’s first male kiss! Max has gone on to star in Bone Island (if you like a man in motorcycle cop uniforms) Fire Dance (Max shows his talents with actual fire) Manville: The City of Men, Men Amongst the Ruins and Parashooter. On their first shoot the crew were teasing Max and asked him who sucked his dick better his girlfriend or Antonio, he sort of dropped his head a bit and shyly answered, Antonio. See all of Max’s outstanding work at www.KristenBjorn.com

 P.S. Max is one of the most gifted performers in the biz.  He exudes sexuality, and is a complete exhibitionist, and proud of it. However, Max is no prima donna; he is hard working, always well mannered, friendly and polite. Max is also a kick-box champion, and even represented Italy for the Olympics.

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More Of Muscle JockButt Quentin Elias

March 7th, 2011|

More Of Muscle Jock Quentin Elias On JockButt.com

• 6’1"" High
• 205 Pounds
• 31 years old
• 19-inch biceps
• 47-inch chest

Scorching hot Quentin has many talents to match his incredible, thick muscles!  Quentin is a hot Urban music artist, sensuous, powerful and just slightly dangerous!

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