Sexy Kane Griffin New At LiveMuscleShow

November 24th, 2011|


Kane Griffin Pretty Boy Muscle

 At LiveMuscleShow.com 

Age: 24 years
Weight: 110kg (243 lbs)
Height: 178cm (5’10")
Chest: 125.0 cm (49’2 in)
Waist: 87.1 cm (34’3 in)
Bicep: 50.0 cm (19’7 in)
Thigh: 73.2 cm (28’8 in)

Kane Griffin is wider than most of us are tall. Kane attributes all his muscle building energies to the fact that he was bored when he was younger. He took it upon himself to start doing a few sit ups and press ups, and before too long his abdominal muscles started to look a little better. From then on he dedicated his life to the development of his body and his muscles; and at Livemuscleshow we can see he’s done a damn good job! Kane is very pleased with his body, but he still considers it a work in process.

It looks as though Kane Griffin is going to be around LiveMuscleShow for a long time yet, and we are very excited.

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Ukranian Muscle Oleg Sukov At PowerMen

November 22nd, 2011|

Oleg Suko

Hot Ukranian Athlete In Great Shape




Hotter Than Ever! 

When Ukranian Oleg Sukov  breezed through our studios for what we thought was going to be a quick shoot, we were impressed by both his muscularity and his excellent conditioning. Naturally, the shoot went a little longer than planned since they kept adding new set-ups and lighting to better show Oleg off. When Oleg offered to stick around after the photo session to show off a few more of his talents, we were only too happy to oblige – after all, there’s nothing more impressive than a fine athlete in top shape, and if he wants to get naked and play, who are we to stop him?

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MuscleHunk Gilbert Nestore Encore

November 10th, 2011|


Gilberto Nestore New Videos And Pictures


 Gilberto Nestore gets all the compliments you can imagine. He is already a muscle star from the Muscle Eden Epic and from his wrestling matches with Andy Travers and Scott Kirby & friends. While his facial expression is very handsome and seems playful, this man has more and he knows it. He started out as a power lifter and soon found his talent as an..



Carson Gorgeous Blond New At JockButt

October 29th, 2011|

Carson Long Gorgeous Blond New


Brand new to the modeling scene, this gorgeous, blond, green-eyed muscle stud can't wait to strut his stuff for you guys. Carson was referred to us by Big Roger, our longtime friend and JockButt fan favorite. We think you'll like Roger's taste in men! Carson Long is not at all shy about his body. You'll be seeing much more of it on JockButt.com in the coming months! Did I mention Carson's furry blond muscle butt? Carson's mouthwatering, tight jock ass can be seen only on JockButt.com.If this doesn't say "what are you waiting for" I don't know what does.


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Naked Muscle Stud Roy Bennett Live

October 25th, 2011|

Roy Bennett Young Muscle Stud Live

This popular Floridian (via South America) is a shy muscle puppy. Only 23 years old, he has the good fortune to have an adorable face and a super-hot bod. Like all guys his age, he’s full of life—and testosterone. And like all guys his age, sometimes he just has to satisfy himself. 


See Roy Bennet Live Now

At MuscleHunks.com

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Molnar Kristian Bucharest Muscle Hunk MarkWolff

October 17th, 2011|

 Molnar Kristian Romanian Super Hot Muscle

 Mark is just got back from another muscle hunk excurstion in Bucharest Romania. When Molnar showed up for his casting call, Mark knew he had found yet another scorching Wolff exclusive from this great country. Molnar is a natural athlete who excels at everything from football to competitive swimming. This shoot captures his 6’1 190 lb frame in all it’s natural glory. Lot’s of lean natural muscle, great skin tone, handsome face and nice big dick!

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Lusty Exhibitionist Meet Karl Kaminski At Powermen

September 28th, 2011|

Karl Kaminski Lusty Exhibitionist

At PowerMen.com!



   It’s Hotter Than Ever! 

Karl Kaminski

Hot Sneak Preview!

Karl Kaminski is still young, but he has been around the block. And as you see he has been around the gym as well. He started early as a power lifter and got more involved in various martial arts and bodybuilding later. He is very conscious about his physical attributes. And more than that he enjoys to create consciousness in others. In other words Karl enjoys the pleasure of giving pleasure. He has the mind of true exhibitionist. Are YOU ready for his show?


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Stefan Havlik Uber Hunk At MuscleGallery

September 28th, 2011|

Stefan Havlik Euro Hunk At MuscleGallery

Stefan Havlik

Slovakian and European IFBB Champion Stefan Havlik is one of Europe’s best bodybuilders  and has been on the competitive scene for a long time. He was ripped and huge, and posed and performed with style and bravado. Stefan performed for our cameras with a cool confidence, sexuality and professionalism that we have rarely seen before. Don’t miss his extraordinary sword dance!

What Is MuscleGallery.com 

MuscleGallery has been a constant enrichment for the fans of bodybuilders and male muscle models worldwide. Unlike others, MG.com travels the world to find you the most exceptional athletes, currently representing 40 different nations. Many World Champions, IFBB Pro Bodybuilders and magazine cover models are first seen spectacular location shots throughout the world.  

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Big And Raw Tim Adonis On ManifestMen

September 25th, 2011|

Tim Adonis Seductively Musclar ManifestMan


Tim Adonis has it all–powerfully seductive hazel eyes, blonde hairy muscled arms and legs, a ripped muscle body that looks like it was carved out of marble; exactly what he needs in the MMA arena. Whether he’s fighting a cage match or dancing at his lounge, Tim Adonis knows no fear!

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Massive Muscle Lex Attila Naked LIVE

September 18th, 2011|


  See Lex Attila LIVE

Lex Attila Only On MuscleHunks.com


  A new muscleman street stud from MuscleHunks.com….Lex Attila…and here’s a man with a difference. Sure, you’d expect that from MH….but are you ready for the awesomely hard, round glutes the man insolently shoves into your grateful face? Think you’re ready for that? Now with 120 images!



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