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Tattooed Tools Claudio And Joshua On HighOctane

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009


Before leaving the bar to hit the can, Claudio Antonelli had made sure to catch beefy Joshua Rodgers’ eye, and he quickly follows. Claudio, one of High Octane’s best, is also one of the most tattooed. But Joshua holds his own, and will rank amongst your favorite studs too. His sheer strength makes this a big fuck with a big cock, but Claudio is such an ace bottom, Joshua can really go wild with him.


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Arcady Joins

Monday, April 6th, 2009


 Live Arcady Zadrovich Joins

  Hey, wanna wrestle? MuscleHunk discovery Arcady does. Just watch him get it on—in a thong on the mat and in the sauna afterward—with Uberto Ugo in Dynamite’s best-selling DVD “Heat.” Arcady isn’t a pretty boy; he’s built solid and close to the ground—the perfect build for putting his opponent in a half-Nelson or showing off that massive ass. 


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So this is what wrestlers look like when they’re out of their singlets. Solid, 100% pure beef, no filler. This is one man you’re going to love to go to the mat with. 

And does he ever like to spread his cheeks! Don’t let the tough-guy exterior fool you. Once he warms to you, (if he warms to you!) he’ll flash a giant smile across that big square face. He’s got plenty of personality, and he just loves to show off. Get him down to a jock and ask him to play with his ass. Go ahead, he’ll just grin, turn around and give you a private show. No limits, no borders, nothing is too crazy for this guy.

The Triplets Hangout With Their Friends

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

The Triplets Hangout With Their Friends At Visconti Triplets

Jason Visconti
Jimmy Visconti
Joey Visconti
Claudio Antonelli
Steve Holmes

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One boring summer’s day, the Triplets hang out with their guy friends. With nothing else to get them occupied, they realized that their friends were hung, cut and ready to pounce. They wasted no time and started an orgy feast fit for a King.

All the lag time in between was filled with sensational ecstasy and quenching madness not even the pool would’ve been able to quench.  

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Dean, Derrick, Martin & Tamas At Sexgaymes.TV

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009


 Brendan Austen, Martin Mazza, Dean Monroe, and Derrick Hanson hanging out on a sunlit deck in Sonoma Wine Country. The sky is deep blue and the vineyards and countryside offer vistas that go for miles. It is a beautiful place to be with other men, But its an even more beautiful place to fuck tattooed and ripped Euro stud Tamas Eszterhazy!

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Ivan Rueda on

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Ivan Rueda on

Role: versatile; gay;  20 Years; 5’9"; 143lbs; from Barcelona
Interests: Gym, Snowboarding

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Ted Colunga In “Your Move” At MENATPLAY

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Ted Colunga In "Your Move" At MENATPLAY

It may be the MAP gentlemens club but not all members behave like gentlemen as is proved by Ted Colunga who takes advantage of Eric’s ignorance of chess to control the game, and trash his novice oponent. But when Eric realises this and leaves upbruptly, tempers start to flare and things get a bit out of hand as the innocent game of chess turns into a sexual power game with Ted taking dominance and forcing his defeated oponent onto all fours and into complete submission.

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Super Hunk Rico Elbaz At

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

 Introducing Super Hunk Rico Elbaz At

Our Rico Elbaz is a Playgirl Fitness Supermodel and pro bodybuilder turned Really Naughty making his debut on  If you love tall, dark, handsome and hung oh and muscled you will love Elbaz.  See him at the super muscle site 

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     Dobri Timaru                  Rico Elbaz              Amerigo Jackson


          Anton Buttone                        Joos Groen                   

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Here’s intimidating, demanding, arrogant competitive bodybuilder Peter Latz, who catches a pipsqueak spying on him, and proceeds to show him just what exactly a bodybuilder is made of…..Rico Romano, in a torn copy t-shirt revealing his huge biceps, bending over to show butt and providing not one, but two explicit scenes ….manifestly hot muscleman Vin Marco, providing his own special brand of what he calls ‘The Cowboy Special’….and tall, dark, huge, free and easy, dirty-talking Mario Borelli – who may have the biggest cock west of the Rockies – and is only too happy to feed it to you! 

Henry Ducaine

That Mediterranean villa was hopping last month when Henry Ducaine flew in from his last private gig to spend a little time relaxing in the lavish, private surroundings.. there’s nothing like playing with your large, unruly tool in an Adirondack chair overlooking the Mediterranean Sea … 

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Adelio Senna

Hairy muscle fireplug Adelio Senna has come back to play, and this time he’s next door neighbor to Mauricio Pimento, who based some of his fantasies on our aloof-seeming bodybuilder / shortstop. Not quite all of Adelio is so short – after all…you know what they say about hairy men with big feet.

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Lorenzo Kaiden

Latin Muscle Pup Lorenzo Kaiden has lost all his shame – this once shy young muscle man used to be modest and shy – and then he started working on, and now he is quick to strip off his clothes, and happy to get down and dirty, anywhere and anytime.

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Roger Lockman Now At

Friday, March 20th, 2009

 Roger Lockman Now At’s Roger Lockman is back! Bringing the BIG BEEF to POWERMEN. A lush, tropical forest serves as the back drop to Roger’s secluded get away as he flexes his HUGE muscle in the great outdoors and strokes his thick uncut bodybuilder cock to release!

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 Live Muscle Show Adds New Hot Muscle Stud!

 Live Muscle Show Adds New Hot Muscle Stud! is proud and happy to welcome two new muscle superstars to our incredible muscle line up! Venezuelan Bodybuilding Champion Papi Palermo will talk to you from his bed room in Venezuela. And as MuscleHunks members know: this Papi is not shy at all!! Then, there is the incomprable Mr. Colombia – Angel Cordoba.

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 Papi Palermo

 Papi Palermo is a true muscle phenomenon. Playful. Sexy. Erotic. Hard. Professional (he’s both a trainer and a competitor). He’s got a whole package. And what a package!

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Xavier “THE DEBUT” At

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

Xavier "THE DEBUT" At

This week we bring you a super hot video update featuring Manifest Man: Xavier.  With over 40 minutes of solo muscle action featuring a body shaving video and a full j/o video, there is something for every muscle fan.

Drying off his freshly shaved muscle body Xavier stands before the mirror and begins to rub lotion across his hard muscles, making sure they get the poper attention. Even the slightest touch on his hard muscles makes Xavier hard and he grips his thick cock instinctively.Flexing in the mirror as he strokes his thick cock makes Xavier even bigger and harder. When he moves in closer he lets the slab of muscle cock rest on the counter before gripping its full length and stroking faster.  In no time Xavier’s cock head swells up and he shoots his thick load on the counter, milking it dry. He wipes his hands and leaves, his muscle cum on the counter as a sign: "Xavier Was Here" 

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Richie Sabatini On The All New Badpuppy!

Friday, March 13th, 2009

Richie Sabatini On The All New Badpuppy! 

Richie’s playful side shines through as he gets naked and shows off in front of the camera. From his seductive smile, to his thick tool and sly moves, he lays it all out. He flexes his smooth muscles and impresses his audience by bending over to finger his eager hole. His sexy climax deserves a taste as he leans in to lick up his milky load.  

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