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Daniel Rocha At

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Introducing Daniel Rocha At

Centerfold Daniel Rocha is our hottie of the day!  Tall, handsome, edgy and massively hung in a setting that harkens back to Ancient Greece.  Enjoy! 

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Lockdown Scene 4 On

Monday, April 13th, 2009





Jailhouse sex has never been hotter, especially when the rough guards on duty are mammoth and tattooed Jack Dragon, and hunky Renato Bellagio. Renato drags young and smaller Chris Sparrow from the jail cell and into the toilets where a waiting Jack wastes no time roughing him up. The pair use and abuse the inmate, shoving their batons up his ass as they fuck him, before cumming all over his face! HOT!

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My Straight Cousin On

Sunday, April 12th, 2009


"I love visiting my straight cousin. About once a month he’ll invite me to go out drinking with all his mates and I always end up getting really drunk, missing my last train home and sleeping over. There’s only one bed, but he doesn’t mind sharing it… Of course in the morning I wake up really horny and … well he’s kinda cute, so I can’t resist having a play… He lies there ‘sleeping’ while I work on his big uncut cock, chewing on his delicious foreskin and taking the whole throbbing length down my throat. Then this one time I get a little bolder and climb right on top. I feel his thick length inside me and begin to ride him gently. Next thing I know, he’s flipped me over and he’s riding my arse, sliding in an out like a piston, then after a few minutes he rolls off and collapses onto his back! Maybe he’s had second thoughts, maybe he’s embarrassed about going too far…? I don’t know, but do I know there’s no way I’m stopping there, so I climb right back on top and ride his big cock ’til I’m shooting a hot stream of cum over his belly. When I’ve had my fun I hit the shower, leaving him to finish himself off. Well he doesn’t need me there does he? He’s straight, right?"

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Vince At The All New Badpupy!

Friday, April 10th, 2009

Vince At The All New Badpupy!

Prepare yourself for a mouth watering, crotch grabbing show. Vince’s rippling muscles, hard cut cock and firm bubble butt guarantee a standing ovation. Watch as he pulls his briefs to the floor, then bends over on all fours to spread his perfect ass and virgin hole. His cum shot will leave you wiping the drool from your lips.

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Introducing Muscle Hunk Ivan At

Friday, April 10th, 2009


Introducing Muscle Hunk Ivan At

 Ivan was supposed to show up last week for his shoot, but postponed because he had been "wasted" the night before. But he’s in rare form this week and boy were we glad he waited. This hunk is all boned up and eager to show off his hard bod, fat dick and  explosive / pent up cum shot. Watch his expression when he cums as he moans in ecstasy. We think he even blew some jizz in his eye, but he wipes it away before I could check it out. DAMN!

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The Roommate New Feature On

Friday, April 10th, 2009


The Roommate Matthias Vannelli & Alessio Mancini


Alessio’s roommate can’t keep his clothes on. What else to do, with a fat cock and a round butt on display 24/7? Sweet temptation.

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Philippe Dragoso At

Thursday, April 9th, 2009


Smooth and hairy at the same time, yum! This porno first-timer is straight lad Philippe, bursting his porno cherry all over the screen for uknakedmen members. French – Tunisian and sexy as room full of studs, he strips to reveal a body toned from kick boxing and is soon rock hard, stroking his length of dark dick and showing of his furry bum cheeks. He’s soon picking up the pace, wanking his cock harder until he’s grunting and squirting a thick load all over the floor.

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Tattooed Tools Claudio And Joshua On HighOctane

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009


Before leaving the bar to hit the can, Claudio Antonelli had made sure to catch beefy Joshua Rodgers’ eye, and he quickly follows. Claudio, one of High Octane’s best, is also one of the most tattooed. But Joshua holds his own, and will rank amongst your favorite studs too. His sheer strength makes this a big fuck with a big cock, but Claudio is such an ace bottom, Joshua can really go wild with him.


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Arcady Joins

Monday, April 6th, 2009


 Live Arcady Zadrovich Joins

  Hey, wanna wrestle? MuscleHunk discovery Arcady does. Just watch him get it on—in a thong on the mat and in the sauna afterward—with Uberto Ugo in Dynamite’s best-selling DVD “Heat.” Arcady isn’t a pretty boy; he’s built solid and close to the ground—the perfect build for putting his opponent in a half-Nelson or showing off that massive ass. 


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So this is what wrestlers look like when they’re out of their singlets. Solid, 100% pure beef, no filler. This is one man you’re going to love to go to the mat with. 

And does he ever like to spread his cheeks! Don’t let the tough-guy exterior fool you. Once he warms to you, (if he warms to you!) he’ll flash a giant smile across that big square face. He’s got plenty of personality, and he just loves to show off. Get him down to a jock and ask him to play with his ass. Go ahead, he’ll just grin, turn around and give you a private show. No limits, no borders, nothing is too crazy for this guy.

The Triplets Hangout With Their Friends

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

The Triplets Hangout With Their Friends At Visconti Triplets

Jason Visconti
Jimmy Visconti
Joey Visconti
Claudio Antonelli
Steve Holmes

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One boring summer’s day, the Triplets hang out with their guy friends. With nothing else to get them occupied, they realized that their friends were hung, cut and ready to pounce. They wasted no time and started an orgy feast fit for a King.

All the lag time in between was filled with sensational ecstasy and quenching madness not even the pool would’ve been able to quench.  

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